Quick Workout

As a busy mom, I’m always looking for ways to sneak in a few extra minutes of a workout on days when I can’t find time to get a full 30-60 minutes done. Here’s a quick 2:30 workout that works your arms and core. :30 high plank :30 as many sit-ups as possible :30 side […]

Training Plan: Week of 9.13.10

A day late, but here’s what my schedule looks like for the week. Monday: Rest Tuesday: 4 miles easy, lift Wednesday: Speedwork (6×800), yoga at lunch Thursday: Lift Friday: 5 miles easy [Note: I have to fast for a doctor’s appointment this morning and early afternoon, so this will be an early, early morning run]. […]

Workout Report: 8/30/10

Today’s scheduled workout was lifting.  Since last week was mostly a bust (except the long run), I wanted to get this week (19 weeks to Disney!) started on the right foot. I picked up a copy of New Rules of Lifting for Women this weekend, since I was tired of P90x and needed a plan. […]