Marv’s Gardens: You Say Tomato…I Do Too!

It’s tomato season down here in the Southern US of A! This has been an awfully weird growing season. A freeze followed by 80 degrees the same week (after we had already planted seeds!) meant everything became unpredictable. Somehow, every single tomato seed germinated. And grew. And is now producing crops. Except we have blossom-end […]

Marv’s Gardens: Today In Photos

{Recipe} Chili-Chickpea Quinoa Salad

I was looking for an amazing salad to make for dinner tonight. My requirements were the same as they usually are–it needed to be simple, quick, full of protein and veggies, something I could pull together from ingredients we had on hand, and make a big bowlful so we’d have leftovers for a few days. […]