Graduation Weekend–Snapshots of Fun

The weekend of my graduation, we spent the weekend in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa with Marty, Rosanne, and my mom.  We had a great time! Lunch at the Silvertron Cafe in Birmingham.  Great food! Eric and I seeing who’s more flexible…with palms to the ground, I won.  Eric had a great effort though. We had dinner […]

Graduation photos, part 4: Meric

Eric has been the most supportive husband I could have ever wished for throughout my masters’ program.  He left me alone when I was studying, guilt-tripped me when I felt like skipping class, and may have been the only person who truly understood why I wanted to go back to school.

Graduation photos, part 3: the ceremony

About 60 graduates and their families traveled to Tuscaloosa for the ceremony, which was held at the law school. Fake diplomas lined up and ready… Professor Bryce giving the commencement address.  It was a tax lecture! Smiling for the camera Professor Bryce and Dean Powell hooding me Heading back to my seat Watching others get […]

Graduation Photos, part 2

Our moms had a great time visiting with each other for the weekend. Mom has come to every one of my graduation ceremonies.  I bet she’s tired of them! Eric and his dad took lots of photos this weekend. And I’ll finish this photo set with one of my handsome husband. 🙂 Love you honey!

Graduation Day

In early 2008, I made a decision that would forever change my life (or so I hoped).  I applied to graduate school. Now don’t get me wrong.  I had been a lawyer for 2 years already.  At that point, I knew I was starting to burn out in my current field (child welfare), and knew […]