{Recipe} Beginner’s Green Smoothie

I’m working with a nutritionist this week, and she’s having me start my days with green smoothies. I was completely revolted by the idea of drinking what (in my mind) amounted to a blended-up salad for breakfast, especially since I prefer to start my days with pop tarts, sugary cereal, etc. But I thought I’d […]

Charred Corn Chopped Salad

I adapted this recipe from the August/September 2011 Clean Eating magazine. It turned out so well that it’s now going into our rotation of go-to recipes for a healthy, really delicious dinner that didn’t take much effort to make. Eric and I ate this for a filling dinner this weekend, as well as a very […]

Meal Plan for the week

Well, at 37.5 weeks pregnant, I finally feel like cooking again. And I finally have hit a point where I don’t feel like eating only junk! Amazing! So far this week, Eric has made cheeseburgers and Challah French Toast (recipe & pics to come soon). I’ve also made a macaroni & cheese casserole to freeze […]

Farro Pilaf

I’ll start this by acknowledging that I’m the world’s worst sous chef.  Seriously.  After making this pilaf tonight, I’m a heck of a lot more thankful I’m married to a man who is great at “finely dicing” all sorts of veggies.  Because as good as it looks, there is a TON of large onion pieces […]

Peach & Barley Salad

This was a tasty recipe from Clean Eating.  We loved it, but decided that a little chicken would have made it a complete dish on its own.  So we’re trying that tonight!  The recipe below includes my variations. 1 c. quick cooking barley 1 c. parsley, finely chopped handful of walnut pieces, chopped 2 peaches, […]

Beet & Apple Quinoa with Glazed Salmon

I’ve wanted to try quinoa for some time.  I even went so far as to buy some.  I just never got around to cooking it. A few weeks ago, we were trying to figure out what to cook with the beets from our CSA.  So I made quinoa with them.  Here’s how I did it: […]