Baby Shower Recap and Potential Birthday Gifts…

Two weekends ago, Eric and I flew to Chicago for our very first baby shower! My mom, sister, and cousin hosted it, and it was SO much fun. A quick recap–we played the “guess how big I am” game, and Alisha came up with a great trivia game (did you know a woman in the […]

Boston Trip: Day 6

Again, belated–very sorry!  This post is about our last day in Boston last month. Somehow, mom and I packed more into our last day in town than we had done on any other day of the trip, despite only having a half day left in Boston before our flights home. We started with a quick […]

Boston Trip: Days 4 and 5

This is really belated, apologies! Remember when I went to Boston last month?  Well this narrative continues my trip report–for the Friday and Saturday I was there. Friday was a busy, busy day. The bulk of my day was taken up with pro bono committee items—the Pro Bono Breakfast kicked the day off, where we […]

Blowing Rock: Chetola Resort

One of the great perks of my job is that I get to travel fairly often.  Many times, I am lucky enough to stay in gorgeous places around North Carolina.  Last weekend was one of those weekends.  We stayed at Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock, NC.  While I was working on Sunday morning, Eric had […]

Blowing Rock: Black Cat Burrito

Last Saturday, Eric and I decided to have a low-key evening instead of dining in elegant style at the hotel with my coworkers and colleagues.  We really needed a chance to get away by ourselves, and this was the perfect opportunity.  Since we share a mutual love of all local burrito and/or pizza places (especially […]

Blowing Rock: Linville Falls

Last Saturday, Eric and I (along with my friend Tom) spent the afternoon hiking at Linville Falls.  We had a great time seeing the falls and each of the overlooks.  We even ran into Ray and Kathy, some other friends from work.  (That’s what I get for hiking on a work trip!) The foliage was […]