Training & Meal Plan, Week of 11.15.10

This week, I’m traveling to Washington D.C. for a conference on Thursday, and then heading up to Baltimore to spend Saturday night and Sunday with Eric’s family once the conference has concluded.  My food goal in November is to use up what we have in the freezer and pantry, since we’ve been terrible about cooking […]

Training Plan: Week of 9.13.10

A day late, but here’s what my schedule looks like for the week. Monday: Rest Tuesday: 4 miles easy, lift Wednesday: Speedwork (6×800), yoga at lunch Thursday: Lift Friday: 5 miles easy [Note: I have to fast for a doctor’s appointment this morning and early afternoon, so this will be an early, early morning run]. […]

Training Plan: Week of 8.30.10

Monday: Lift Tuesday: 10×400 @ 2:06 Wednesday: Lift + yoga Thursday: 3 miles easy + lift Friday: Rest or cross-train Saturday 3 miles @ half marathon pace Sunday: 9 miles, long run pace

Training Plan: Week of 8.23.10

Last week was a relatively easy schedule: Monday: Rest/study for final Tuesday: 8×400 @ 2:06 Wednesday: Rest/take final Thursday: 3 miles easy + lift Friday through Sunday: Travel to Tuscaloosa for graduation, easy runs when possible. This week will be a challenge comparatively.  Goal is to get my body used to more runs in a […]