Top Photos of 2011

I wanted to test some things I’m learning in Elements, but also put up some of my favorite photos of 2011. This week I’ve been learning about editing using actions, and also eking my way around Elements using templates. One of the blogs I follow, Click it Up a Notch, is having a blog hop […]

Update #3: New Camera!

Eric went to California for a work trip in January, and decided to bring me a present.  That was about the time I started feeling really terrible, so while it was so sweet of him to get me the thing I wanted second-most in the world (#1 would be a MacBook Pro, of course), I […]

A Few Pics from the New Camera

Eric went on a trip for work a few weeks ago and brought me back an awesome surprise–the camera I had been craving since it was released.  The Sony NEX-3.  It came with two lenses, an external flash, and is generally awesome.  I haven’t had much time to play with it, but I wanted to […]

Wilmington Photos, Part 3

And a few parting shots from my trip.

Wilmington Photos, Part 2

Pictures from the morning I headed out to the beach to catch the sunrise…

30-Day Challenge: Day 9

This is a pretty good one. Taken at Myrtle Beach, June 2010.  Eric edited 🙂