Book Review: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

By Barbara Kingsolver, with Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver This book gets 5 stars. If more stars were available, I would award them to this book and to every Michael Pollan book I’ve read. This is now on my list of “Books everyone in America should read.” The basic premise of this book is […]

Tomato Project

This week, we’ve had several thunderstorms. I noticed a couple of days ago that two of the tomatoes that I re-potted last weekend weren’t draining from all the rain. So I came up with two options to help the situation: 1. Re-pot again, into pots that had adequate drainage. Pros: I’d know they were where […]

Summer Fertilizer & Yard Improvements

Our sod is having growth problems. As in, it’s turned brown and ugly. Not surprising, given that it was laid in November, when we were having terrible, cold thunderstorms for a week straight the week we moved in…which was also the week it was laid. The weather went downhill from there, so we’re assuming the […]

Patio Garden 4-18

In this post, I told you about our patio garden. Here’s a photo from today! The long planter is the mesclun mix, the shorter green glazed pot is baby bibb, the large brown pot is mint, and the two taller pots are tomato plants. We’re having salad again tonight with our grilled chicken and veggies!

Patio Garden

When we moved into our house late last year, we knew that we wanted to put in a garden. Except we chose to build a house with a 12′ yard between our house and our neighbor’s house. So not much space left for a garden. Our solution was to start by planting a patio garden. […]