Isn’t He Cute?

Isn’t our boy cute? He turned 10 months old last week and started walking the same week. Today, he moved up to the next classroom at daycare–so he’s with young toddlers now, and is definitely the smallest kid in the room. But he holds his own! Here’s a video I took today of him playing/being […]

Ethan is 10 months old!

And he’s getting so big. He’s standing alone and taking a few steps here and there–not enough to consider it full-blown walking–but check out this video from his 10-month birthday Monday. A little grainy, but I love the utter joy on his face 🙂

Love These Guys!

Sunday Funday

On Friday, the meeting I was at all day got out a little early, so I headed over to pick Ethan up from daycare before I usually do. When we got home, it was gorgeous outside–so we spent about 20 minutes playing in the sun. It was really the first time he’s played outside–what a […]

Top Photos of 2011

I wanted to test some things I’m learning in Elements, but also put up some of my favorite photos of 2011. This week I’ve been learning about editing using actions, and also eking my way around Elements using templates. One of the blogs I follow, Click it Up a Notch, is having a blog hop […]

Ethan’s Birth Story

First, a few disclaimers: 1) This is going to get long, sorry! 2) By the title, you already know this is Ethan’s birth story. If you’re not comfortable reading the details, you might want to skip this post. I’ll have new recipes up soon! Ethan’s birth story starts a few weeks before he was actually […]