Feminine Empowerment Diffuser Blend

Amazing child aside, parenthood is tough. Most days are fun. Really, truly fun! But some days I feel like hibernating for the next 14 years, because I’ve had to answer trivia questions on how many outfits Pepper owns in the Ironman cartoon, exclaim over a new Lego build that is called “the poop bus,” taste a […]

Diffuser Blend: White Fir + Grapefruit for Focus + Energy

We’re on vacation this week, but because I have my own business, I get to work from anywhere. While I was working on an important project a few days ago, I needed a quick pick-me-up that would allow me to focus and relax at the same time this week. Thanks to my friend Jessica for […]

Essential Oil Dilution

I find myself referring to a handy chart photo to remember how to dilute essential oils for different uses.  Except I managed to delete the photo of the chart off of my phone.  So I wanted to put a quick post together to give the dilutions I use most. There are many essential oils that […]

Classical Music. Journey to Health. What’s the Connection?

On first thought, classical music and health have zero, zilch, nada to do with each other.  Today though, I had a revelation.  They actually do, at least to me.  Let me explain. I was a cellist for about a decade when I was growing up.  I was never first chair, but I loved the music.  The […]

Essential Oil Love

I have just found my other true love. (My first being Eric and Ethan, of course). Essential oils. I went to lunch with my friend Katie about six weeks ago, and she was telling me about essential oils, and I thought they sounded great. Like a perfect complement to the natural/herbal medicine that I’m so […]

{Recipe} Honey-Glazed Rainbow Carrots

Last weekend, I made a grand decision (as many of mine are). I was SURE that our carrots were getting bitter because of the heat, so it must be time to pull them. We were very excited to see our HUGE purple and orange carrots. (Danvers and Purple Dragon, for those keeping track of our […]