Eric’s Challah

Hello all! Eric here. For a long time I have had a deep-rooted urge to learn how to make challah. Maybe it has something to do with my Jewish roots. Who knows? This is by far my favorite type of bread. You would have to be mashuga to like the challah from the store more […]

A Few Pics from the New Camera

Eric went on a trip for work a few weeks ago and brought me back an awesome surprise–the camera I had been craving since it was released.  The Sony NEX-3.  It came with two lenses, an external flash, and is generally awesome.  I haven’t had much time to play with it, but I wanted to […]

Graduation Weekend–Snapshots of Fun

The weekend of my graduation, we spent the weekend in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa with Marty, Rosanne, and my mom.  We had a great time! Lunch at the Silvertron Cafe in Birmingham.  Great food! Eric and I seeing who’s more flexible…with palms to the ground, I won.  Eric had a great effort though. We had dinner […]

Graduation photos, part 4: Meric

Eric has been the most supportive husband I could have ever wished for throughout my masters’ program.  He left me alone when I was studying, guilt-tripped me when I felt like skipping class, and may have been the only person who truly understood why I wanted to go back to school.

Eric’s Birthday

On July 28, Eric turned 29.  We had a great dinner at home, and are planning a camping trip to finish celebrating.

Eric @ Myrtle

Eric @ Pawley’s Island.  We had a nice time walking the Pawley’s Island beach–it’s where the ocean heads inland and creates a wide, deep waterway separating the island from the mainland through marshlands.  Houses line the waterway, and each has a dock.  Simply gorgeous! This was from one night when we went out shopping with […]