New Table: New Home

One of the end tables is finally finished and has a new home…right back where it belongs, in the living room!

Hanging Things Around the House

Over the past week, we’ve been hanging things on the walls.  ***SHOCK*** We figured that we’ve lived in our house for almost a year and a half, and need to commit to something on the walls. We started with mezuzahs–we feel like our house is officially a Jewish home now: Then we hung the key […]

End table is finished!

Look out next week for some big updates and blog changes. I worked on a project today that I HAD to share–so in advance of the big updates and blog changes, here you go! Today I decided to finally finish the end tables that I started refinishing about six months ago. I was sick and […]

New Decor Preview

Last week, I made a trip to Charlotte for work, and on my way home, stopped at IKEA to pick up some things for around the house.  We’re working on finishing the rooms where they’re being placed, but here’s a teaser of what I picked up. 2 grey-shaded lamps for our bedroom (still working on […]

New Fall Decor: Wreath

Last year, I picked up this wreath at the after-Halloween sale for 50% off.  We were about two weeks away from closing on our house, and I knew that it would look awesome this year on the front door. I was right 🙂

Mantle Decor

Last weekend, I had a chance to re-style the space on and around the fireplace.  We hung a print above it, and only kept our favorite things out to make space for fall decor (coming soon!) Here’s the whole space: Here’s a little closer view: Here’s a closeup of the right side: Closeups of our […]