A Path Forward

There are a lot of days where I can’t seem to see the way ahead. The path to my ultimate goals. Sure, I’ve tried visualization, meditation, journaling, classic goal-setting topics. I think over the years, I’ve made a little progress in a forward-type direction over the past year, but even after the personal development work, […]

Kids are Sponges…A Cute “Cooking” Story from Our Kitchen

Ethan is constantly in the kitchen with me when I’m cooking. He helps in all kinds of ways–stirring, measuring, adding ingredients, choosing a bowl or spoon to use, etc. Recently he’s started cutting soft foods with some of our more dull knives and a tiny cutting board, and he does a lot of imaginative play […]

Meal Plan for the week

Well, at 37.5 weeks pregnant, I finally feel like cooking again. And I finally have hit a point where I don’t feel like eating only junk! Amazing! So far this week, Eric has made cheeseburgers and Challah French Toast (recipe & pics to come soon). I’ve also made a macaroni & cheese casserole to freeze […]

Barley, Beef, Black Bean & Corn Chili

This is a delicious & easy way to use up an assortment of pantry goods. You can substitute anything you have on hand for equivalents in the recipe. 1 large can whole tomatoes (or tomato pieces, or 1 small can tomatoes + 1 jar salsa), pureed 1 box vegetable stock (or chicken stock) 1-3 cups […]

Farro Pilaf

I’ll start this by acknowledging that I’m the world’s worst sous chef.  Seriously.  After making this pilaf tonight, I’m a heck of a lot more thankful I’m married to a man who is great at “finely dicing” all sorts of veggies.  Because as good as it looks, there is a TON of large onion pieces […]

Lessons in Polenta

Last week, I made short ribs and polenta with corn (I know, the oxymorons…cornmeal with corn) for dinner one night.  Of course the short ribs were delish, but the polenta was a new dish for me. Surprisingly, it was very easy to make, and we both enjoyed it. Here’s how I made it.  Thanks to […]