A Path Forward

There are a lot of days where I can’t seem to see the way ahead. The path to my ultimate goals. Sure, I’ve tried visualization, meditation, journaling, classic goal-setting topics. I think over the years, I’ve made a little progress in a forward-type direction over the past year, but even after the personal development work, […]

Meal Plan for the week

Well, at 37.5 weeks pregnant, I finally feel like cooking again. And I finally have hit a point where I don’t feel like eating only junk! Amazing! So far this week, Eric has made cheeseburgers and Challah French Toast (recipe & pics to come soon). I’ve also made a macaroni & cheese casserole to freeze […]

Barley, Beef, Black Bean & Corn Chili

This is a delicious & easy way to use up an assortment of pantry goods. You can substitute anything you have on hand for equivalents in the recipe. 1 large can whole tomatoes (or tomato pieces, or 1 small can tomatoes + 1 jar salsa), pureed 1 box vegetable stock (or chicken stock) 1-3 cups […]

Farro Pilaf

I’ll start this by acknowledging that I’m the world’s worst sous chef.  Seriously.  After making this pilaf tonight, I’m a heck of a lot more thankful I’m married to a man who is great at “finely dicing” all sorts of veggies.  Because as good as it looks, there is a TON of large onion pieces […]

Lessons in Polenta

Last week, I made short ribs and polenta with corn (I know, the oxymorons…cornmeal with corn) for dinner one night.  Of course the short ribs were delish, but the polenta was a new dish for me. Surprisingly, it was very easy to make, and we both enjoyed it. Here’s how I made it.  Thanks to […]

Book Review: Eating Animals

By Jonathan Safran Foer Rating: 4 stars. This book was great.  A little too argumentative to get five stars, but overall a great read.  It turns out to be an easy-to-read expose on how meat gets from where it’s raised to your plate.  A pretty gruesome tale, all things told–which I expected after watching Food, […]