Cloth Diapers: My favorites!

This is my favorite thing to talk about–my favorite cloth diapers! Here are my picks (with links): Newborn stage: Prefolds: Cottonbabies unbleached Indian Cotton prefolds (Infant size) Fitteds: Kissaluvs Kissa’s Cotton Fleece Fitteds (Size 0) and Thirsties Fab Fitteds (Size 1). If you want to get into fun custom-made diapers, check out Green Humbug’s newborn […]

Cloth Diaper 101: Part 3–Logistics

Now that you know what different types of diapers exist, this post will talk about the logistics of using cloth. Before you use cloth diapers, they need to be prepped. Prepping diapers ranges from SUPER easy to easy and time-consuming. Here’s what we do: -Natural fibers (prefolds, bamboo, hemp): Wash twice, dry once. Repeat 3-4 […]

Cloth Diaper 101: Part 2–The Basics

This post in my three-part cloth diapering series will give a quick, but hopefully easy-to-understand overview of the four different types of cloth diapers, and the different “accessories” you’ll need to be successful in using cloth. First, the four types of diapers. They are: prefolds, fitteds, pockets, and all-in-one’s. Fitted, pockets and all-in-ones come in […]

Cloth Diaper 101: Part 1–Why Choose Cloth?

This is the first in a three-part series on cloth diapering. I’ve been getting questions lately from friends and family considering cloth, so I thought I’d put my thoughts here. First things first. Why cloth? We chose cloth for several reasons–what I call the 4 C’s–cost, chemicals, crap, and convenience. Cost was a primary reason […]