Removing Labels with Essential Oils

Ethan and I have been trying out some fun DIY projects over the last couple of weeks using upcycled materials that we’ve found around the house. A lot of the projects have required glass jars. Now, if you know me, you know that I’m kind of a glass jar hoarder. We use them for everything. Storing food, storing supplies, storing collections of small things, decor, drinking (with a cuppow lid for sipping), fermenting things…the list could easily continue.

So it should be no surprise that we’re using them for DIY crafts too. Last week, we made some cute vases for air plants, and this week we’re working on mason jar herb gardens. 

Here’s the problem. When I finish using a jar, it has a label on it most of the time. Until recently, I have had the worst luck getting the sticky labels off of these jars, so I would leave the label on. Except then my kitchen gets very confusing, because wild rice is in a jar labeled “local honey,” or fenugreek seeds are in a jar labeled “organic pears in juice.” Ha! Maybe not confusing, but just not organized and appropriately labeled. 

I had heard from a friend that lime essential oil is the world’s natural version of a sticker remover. So I gave it a shot–check out the video I made to learn more!

Removing Labels with Essential Oils

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