Quick Workout

As a busy mom, I’m always looking for ways to sneak in a few extra minutes of a workout on days when I can’t find time to get a full 30-60 minutes done. Here’s a quick 2:30 workout that works your arms and core.

  • :30 high plank
  • :30 as many sit-ups as possible
  • :30 side plank
  • :30 side plank (other side)
  • :30 triceps dips

Now here’s my real secret: I sneak this workout in while I’m waiting for the shower to heat up. In the bathroom, where I generally don’t have the munchkin climbing on me. Plus, it’s motivation to keep my bathroom clean! Our toilet lid is the perfect height for triceps dips.

Cheers to a hot mom bod, one day at a time.


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