Feminine Empowerment Diffuser Blend

Amazing child aside, parenthood is tough. Most days are fun. Really, truly fun! But some days I feel like hibernating for the next 14 years, because I’ve had to answer trivia questions on how many outfits Pepper owns in the Ironman cartoon, exclaim over a new Lego build that is called “the poop bus,” taste a […]

ALCAT Results: Limiting and Kind of Scary

Change is scary. Change is hard. But I’m pretty good at making changes to my own life. To be honest, I’ve had a lot of practice. Making changes to my four-year old’s life is far scarier and uncertain than making changes to my own. And that’s what I have to do as a good mom […]

Today Was a Hard Day: ALCAT Testing

Today was a hard day. Ethan and I learned the results of our ALCAT testing, and I’m still processing. There may have been a panic attack and lots of heartburn involved, and my heart hurts for the changes that my boy is going to be making over the next week. After a few years of […]

Quick Workout

As a busy mom, I’m always looking for ways to sneak in a few extra minutes of a workout on days when I can’t find time to get a full 30-60 minutes done. Here’s a quick 2:30 workout that works your arms and core. :30 high plank :30 as many sit-ups as possible :30 side […]

It’s Almost Time for My Next 13.1!

I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Five weeks from today, I’ll be lacing up to conquer cancer with 8,500 of my newest friends during the 2015 Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Together, […]

Diffuser Blend: White Fir + Grapefruit for Focus + Energy

We’re on vacation this week, but because I have my own business, I get to work from anywhere. While I was working on an important project a few days ago, I needed a quick pick-me-up that would allow me to focus and relax at the same time this week. Thanks to my friend Jessica for […]