Diffuser Blend: White Fir + Grapefruit for Focus + Energy

White Fir + Grapefruit Diffuser Blend Graphic

We’re on vacation this week, but because I have my own business, I get to work from anywhere. While I was working on an important project a few days ago, I needed a quick pick-me-up that would allow me to focus and relax at the same time this week. Thanks to my friend Jessica for the inspiration, this essential oil blend made its way into my diffuser. Worked like a charm!

Here are a few benefits of both grapefruit and white fir essential oils:


  • Cleanses & purifies
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Helps reduce mental & physical fatigue
  • Helps with sore muscles & joints

White Fir:

  • Energizes the body & mind
  • Provides soothing support to sore muscles & joints
  • Supports clear breathing & respiratory function
  • Evokes feelings of stability, energy, & empowerment
  • Helps the body relax

What blends are you loving lately? Let me know, and they may make their way into a future post!

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