It’s Almost Time for My Next 13.1!

I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Five weeks from today, I’ll be lacing up to conquer cancer with 8,500 of my newest friends during the 2015 Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Together, we’ll cover the Hopkinton to Copley Square route made famous by the Boston Marathon, and we’ll raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (the #4 cancer center in the country, and they’re based here in Boston!)

“How’s training going?” some of you have asked. It’s going great! Ethan and I are taking a few walks every week in addition to running and the occasional at-home yoga workout, and I’ve been setting out for my long walks on the weekends. Later today, I’ll lace up for 7 miles before breakfast. My remaining long walks are scheduled for 8, 9, 11, and 8 miles. I savor the time I spend walking, and it’s been such a great part of getting ready for the Jimmy Fund Walk. When Ethan and I walk together, it gives us a chance to talk, learn about the world around us, and just be together. Yesterday, we went out for 3.5 miles together, and he walked the whole way with me! When I’m out walking by myself, it gives me a chance to be still with my own thoughts–something that doesn’t happen that often anymore, now that I’m home with Ethan!

I wanted to send huge thanks out to the staff of the Jimmy Fund Walk. Two weeks ago, they sent me some pretty sweet swag with a really thoughtful note, and I’ve been loving wearing it! (Here’s a pic of the hat–look for me wearing it if you’re around Quincy on Sunday mornings!)

Jimmy Fund Hat Pic

A quick story about this hat. Last weekend, we went to a cookout and swim party at a new friend’s house, and I was wearing my new Jimmy Fund hat. Almost as soon as we walked in, a woman asked what my connection to the Jimmy Fund was. Turns out, she’s a Jimmy Fund Fellow at Dana-Farber. Specifically, she’s a pediatric oncology fellow, which means she was a practicing pediatrician, and is now at Dana-Farber for a three-year fellowship with an optional fourth year–solely focused on pediatric oncology. We had a chance to talk later in the day, and wow. The work she and her colleagues are doing at Dana-Farber is literally life-changing. It was incredibly meaningful to hear about it, and I’m so thankful for the new connection.

Let me tell you how you can help. As you know, cancer research, support, and treatment is underfunded. Through my participation in the 2015 Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk, I’m committed to raising money for Dana-Farber.

If you want to help, do two things. First–join me. Lace up on September 27 and walk. By participating in the walk, you’ll be raising money and awareness for the cause and this important fund. To sign up, click here and use the promo code BLOG for $5 off your registration cost. You can choose from four routes–26.2 miles (starting in Hopkinton), 13.1 miles (starting in Wellesley), 5 miles (starting at Boston College), or 3 miles (starting at Dana-Farber).

The second thing you can do is to give money, time, or resources. When I was a practicing lawyer, we would ask other lawyers to donate the equivalent of two billable hours. What is your time worth? Will you donate the equivalent value of two hours of your time? Your donations fund treatment for pediatric patients who can’t afford it. They fund fellows, like my new friend. They fund family support, where families of patients can connect with other families for support, hope, and emotional processing so that they can best support their patient. To donate, click here.

The Jimmy Fund Walk staff make it incredibly easy to fundraise. There are templates available for fundraising of all kinds–emails, social media posts, and more–and there are also more facts and information available than I know what to do with. There are also Pacesetter rewards and recognition available for donors who reach certain donation levels.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on September 27 as we lace up to conquer cancer together!


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