Removing Labels with Essential Oils

Ethan and I have been trying out some fun DIY projects over the last couple of weeks using upcycled materials that we’ve found around the house. A lot of the projects have required glass jars. Now, if you know me, you know that I’m kind of a glass jar hoarder. We use them for everything. […]

Feminine Empowerment Diffuser Blend

Amazing child aside, parenthood is tough. Most days are fun. Really, truly fun! But some days I feel like hibernating for the next 14 years, because I’ve had to answer trivia questions on how many outfits Pepper owns in the Ironman cartoon, exclaim over a new Lego build that is called “the poop bus,” taste a […]

Essential Oil Dilution

I find myself referring to a handy chart photo to remember how to dilute essential oils for different uses.  Except I managed to delete the photo of the chart off of my phone.  So I wanted to put a quick post together to give the dilutions I use most. There are many essential oils that […]

Essential Oil Love

I have just found my other true love. (My first being Eric and Ethan, of course). Essential oils. I went to lunch with my friend Katie about six weeks ago, and she was telling me about essential oils, and I thought they sounded great. Like a perfect complement to the natural/herbal medicine that I’m so […]