About Me

The most basic thing you should know about me is that I love my family, I love food, and I believe everyone should eat real food.  Everything else fills in the gaps.

I’m a mom to a 4-year old boy, and wife to my husband of eight years. Ethan (my son) and Eric (my husband) are the two people I love most in the world, and I can’t imagine life without either of them.  We have two cats who have been part of my family since I was in college.  I’m a stay-at-home mom and essential oil educator who got here by walking a winding path; with eight years as a lawyer and advanced education in culinary nutrition and child nutrition along the way.  I love to run, and have recently fallen back in love with the sport after a postpartum break. I’ve run six marathons, eight half marathons, and I even dabbled in triathlon for a few years, completing two half-ironman distance races.  My hobbies are cooking, baking, learning, and anything related to paper crafting.  I love to read–especially cookbooks {which I read like novels–cover to cover!} and mysteries.  

When my son was born in 2011, we discovered very early on that he had a serious dairy allergy, along with a few other medical concerns that required ongoing therapy and chiropractic treatment for the first few months of his life.  About the same time, I struggled with a very low milk supply, and when my son was a year old, I was also diagnosed with moderate post-partum anxiety and depression.  I was in a pretty bad place, but was so relieved to know what was wrong with me.  The combination of these things, plus my drive to exclusively breastfeed my son, no matter the challenge, started our family on our path to health.  So we embarked on an adventure to nourish and heal both of us through food and holistic living.

Now, I help families explore nutrition with a focus on food and family wellness. I’m a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, study herbalism, and enjoy continuing education coursework focusing on child, family, and herbal health.

A sampling of the courses I have completed include:

*Child Nutrition & Cooking 2.0, Stanford University School of Medicine (online);

*Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle: Issues and Insights, Vanderbilt University (online);

*An Introduction to the US Food System: Perspectives from Public Health, Johns Hopkins University (online); and

*Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, University of California at San Francisco (online).

I’m proud to tell you that Ethan nursed until he self-weaned at 19 months, and at the end of 2013, I was able to wean off my depression and anxiety meds.  Now I’m working with a great team to address thyroid issues that were recently discovered and likely developed during pregnancy.  This path to health is one that has not been easy, and won’t be–but has been 100% worth it for our family.  The three of us can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little family!